6 Signs Your Social Media Usage Is Toxic

Many people today love being on social media. People take photos of their food, daily wear, and anything that makes them feel good about themselves. Others even plan their outings and vacations on what would look good online. Unfortunately, the fascination can turn into something dark and ugly, where it is a toxic influence that affects different areas of their life. If this is happening or you have too much focus on social media. It is vital to think differently about your usage. Below are signs that social media is a toxic influence in your life.

1. You are not present

Are you present while with others or focus on your phone? If you ignore people around you, this is a distressing red flag. Instead of interacting with your kids as they play, you are just on the phone. You check how many Instagram likes you have, the followers you have, the comments on your latest post is a sign to know social media has all your attention. If you do these once in a while, it is not a big deal, but if it is a consistent habit, you may be having a problem with social media.

2. You are always accessible on social media

You are on every social network, and you have all the notifications on your phone. Anyone can reach you through Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, and other social media platforms they know you have an account. If you are never out of touch, it is a sign your social media usage can turn toxic. It is okay to love social media but have boundaries. In this way, you prevent burnout, and you can log in when tackling a problem or during your break.

3. You are in a comparison trap

Some individuals use social media as a way to evaluate their life in comparison to others. If you are in this bracket of people, it is wise to stop. You log on, find your friend planning a trip to France, and your picnic adventure feels boring with no excitement. You may also feel an urge to gloat when a colleague is working a menial job after getting fired. Feeling bad about yourself while judging others or good while looking down on others is an unhealthy habit. And a sign social media is toxic for you.

4. You feel worse after

You may want to check in for a few minutes, but hours later, you are still scrolling your feed and consuming content and missed the next item on your routine schedule. This makes you feel worse by the time you are closing the app. Plus, you can’t figure out why you are tired, cranky, distracted, or discouraged. All you know is you felt fine before you logged in. Do a social media detox or routine to slowly withdraw from overusing it and consuming most of your time on it.

5. You seek validation

Most people want attention, but it depends on what you want to show. However, on social media, the need for validation in most instances becomes an obsession. Also, it causes anxiety, and it can depress you if no one comments, likes or views. Many people have their concerns on a lot. And yet they live different lives from people on social media and have a different following altogether. So, feeling anxious your children’s photos have fewer likes than someone else or your garden does not stand out on social media is a way of seeking validation and a sign your social media usage is toxic and a dangerous idea.

6. You stop texting your friends

Social media makes checking on friends different. You lurk on your friend’s profiles daily to stay updated on what is happening in their life. However, this way does not build a strong friendship, and it leaves you feeling alone and isolated. A sign your social media usage is going too far is when you stop meeting friends up in real life, texting them, or even talking to them through calling. Yet, a valuable part of maintaining relationships is checking on friends, and you cannot replicate this with social media interactions.

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