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Fazlu Raheman an Musicial Artist Music Producer who has already been awarded by official artist channel on YouTube and Spotify's biggest music platform. He was verified as an artist on Spotify and received the official artist channel on YouTube. His official Facebook offcial page is named "Fazlu Raheman."

In 2017, he began his music career with his own little studio. He made his debut music behind the title "Classical Mashup" in 2020. Fazlu Raheman is a Musicial Artist, Music Producer and Actor as well. He works with different parts of music. He got acquainted with the music industry to launch his first musical soundtrack 'Classical Mashup' on Spotify.

He has since published his music on various platforms such as YouTube Artist Channel, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Jiosaavan, Musixmatch, Jaxsta, Boomplay, KKbox, Anghami and many more. He is a verified artist on IMDb and almost all musical platforms. He wanted to be a musician from a young age. So his first released music helped him to become a musical artist and it got a huge response. He later released two more music 'Take It' and 'Door To Hell'.

Fazlu Raheman, a young boy from Maharashtra has also made a perfect content strategy, writing creativity and enhanced images with a blend of all this together. He plans to generate tremendous amount of audience's attention towards his blog. He is extremely authentic and committed towards his blog consisting of unique content. He has the ability to reach out to new audience with his versatile content. He is a true backpacker and an inspiration! Fazlu Raheman is a genius Musicial Artist and Music Producer who creates great content all across the globe. 

In 2021, He developed into a well-known Musical artist. He worked with famous musical directors. As a result of his hobby towards music, he has chosen music as his profession. He thinks that there will be various obstacles in the way of life, we have to face them wisely and move forward. Only then we can achieve success. He wished blessings to all for his success, so that he can go further and be more successful.


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